Visual Studio 2013 update 3 available now!

Visual Studio 2013 update 3


Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team says it has released to manufacturing Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, which contains a bevy of new features and incremental improvements.

Here’s a quick look specifically at VS 2013 U3 improvements:

  • Scaffolding: Scaffolding will correctly detect what are the versions of NuGet packages that the project is using. For example, if the project is still using ASP.NET MVC 5.1.2, then scaffolding will use 5.1.2, instead of 5.2.”
  • JSON Editor: Auto-formatting is on by default as a project is created, but can also be turned off; brace matching is now similar to what you’d see in C# and JavaScript editors.
  • CSS Editor: Improved Selector Level 4 Intellisense, which means more selector patterns to choose from; drag-and-drop fonts, images, and .css files from Solution Explorer into .css files.
  • Security: Supports two-factor authentication in MVC templates used with One ASP.NET templates.
  • Facebook: Moved ASP.NET Facebook package to NuGet as a Visual Studio Extension, now available in the Visual Studio Gallery.
  • Active Directory: Allows creation of ASP.NET via Azure Active Directory when logged into a Microsoft Account.
  • Mobile Services: VS 2013 U3 also now supports .NET Mobile Services from within the Push Notification Wizard.
  • Interface: Supports menus in upper as well as mixed case.


Here are the improvements in detail:


Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 with Update 3 (x86) – DVD (English)
MSDN File Name: en_visual_studio_ultimate_2013_with_update_3_x86_dvd_4837900.iso
SHA1: 5129DBB6BBE3ABF427EF2019EE6197A33E836E13

Visual Studio Premium 2013 with Update 3 (x86) – DVD (English)
MSDN File Name: en_visual_studio_premium_2013_with_update_3_x86_dvd_4836351.iso
SHA1: E74518E029F528FCFCA16D09E8DB4F708FFB2840

Visual Studio Professional 2013 with Update 3 (x86) – DVD (English)
MSDN File Name: en_visual_studio_professional_2013_with_update_3_x86_dvd_4836427.iso
SHA1: DB9E954A70F65AAC9B8785127C78249FA1D0BD6B


You will need these keys to offline-activate the software:
Ultimate: BWG7X-J98B3-W34RT-33B3R-JVYW9
Premium: FBJVC-3CMTX-D8DVP-RTQCT-92494

Sources: MSDN and Others

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