All About Windows Phone 8.1 update

Windows Phone 8.1 update folder ahoy


         The most noticeable part of  Windows Phone 8.1 update  is Folders ahoy.  Now you can create folders on start screen like android or iOS by dragging and dropping one Tile over another.  Not only are the folders “live” but the Live Tiles continue to update as needed from within the folder.

        Xbox Music has been updated to provide quicker performance and has brought back things like “swipe to advance.”  Messages app has a minor update too. Now you can select  an  individual messages within a thread either to  delete, or forward. The other big update has to do with the Windows Phone Store tile. The Live Tile for the Store has been greatly enhanced to provide dynamic updates on the latest and greatest apps.

        It also includes new business-friendly features like segregated, sandboxed apps and the ability to configure VPN settings when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot (finally).

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            You are no longer required to be living at US to have Cortana on your phone . Microsoft has released the alpha versionof Cortana for market of  Canada,Australia, and India    where the language packs from the US and UK will be utilized.    This update also expands the availability of  Cortana Beta  to the United Kingdom and China.  It also had few  enhancements in the US which include hands-free Bluetooth integration with your car’s system.

This is how you can activate the alpha version of cortana  

Step 1:  Change the language settings (Settings > Language) to any of the different English version — English India / Australia / Canada — in accordance with the place you’re based in.

Step 3:  Similarly, you are required to make some amendments to the Speech settings (Settings > Speech) as well.

Step 4:  For Australia: English (United Kingdom); For Canada set it to English (United States); and for India: English (United Kingdom)